Bukwila: 23 years of welcoming students to campus

Bukwila, set at the steps of Lansdowne campus’ Wilna Thomas Cultural Centre, has been welcoming students to campus for the past 23 years. In 1997, the college commissioned (the late) Art Thompson, a renowned Indigenous artist, alumnus and long-time friend of Camosun, to carve the one-of-a-kind totem pole. Art Thompson based the design of the 15.5-foot pole on the Dididaht …

Construction begins on the Wilna Thomas building and Cultural Centre

In 1994 construction began on the General Purpose building and Cultural Centre at Lansdowne, which was later renamed in memory of college instructor, social worker and donor Wilna Gratia Thomas. Wilna Thomas came to Camosun in 1974 to set up a program for social work assistants. Her ability to touch peoples lives extended throughout her career. She was the first …

Childcare comes to campus

Camosun’s first child care centres open at Lansdowne and Carey Road campuses in 1991 offering affordable, campus-based day care services to assist students in their access to education. In 1995, the college constructed a purpose-built facility at the Interurban Campus and the Carey Road centre was closed.

New Library Media Centre opens at Lansdowne

The $4.8 million Library Media Centre (now the Alan Batey Library Media Centre) opens at Lansdowne Campus.  Alan H. Batey was the first Director of Community Services (CE programs) at Camosun College in 1971. 

New Dental Health Building completed at Lansdowne

A new $1.3 million Dental Health Education Centre is completed at the Lansdowne campus to house the college’s Dental Assistant certificate program and the brand new two-year Dental Hygiene diploma program that launched in fall 1990.

The Paul Building opens at Lansdowne

It’s fitting that today’s President’s Office is located in the Paul Building. Dr. Edward B. Paul led Victoria High from 1892 to 1908, was a City Superintendent of Schools for Victoria and a Principal of Victoria College.

The Ewing Building opens

The Ewing building opened in 1952 and today it is home to Eyēʔ Sqȃ’lewen: the Centre for Indigenous Education and Community Connections.

Dunlop House is built in 1928

Designed by Samuel Maclure for retired client James Lyle Dunlop, the Dunlop House was built in 1928. Since 1974, it has served as an applied education centre for Camosun’s popular two-year Hospitality Management diploma program – where students learn everything from hotel administration and restaurant operations to financial accounting, tourism, event management and leadership. Throughout the years, the Dunlop House …