New Library Media Centre opens at Lansdowne

The $4.8 million Library Media Centre (now the Alan Batey Library Media Centre) opens at Lansdowne Campus. 

Alan H. Batey was the first Director of Community Services (CE programs) at Camosun College in 1971. 

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  1. I have a large number of used books – in very good condition that I would like to donate. I wonder if you accept used books? Many are reference books of various sorts – very few, if any, fiction. Focus on qualitative research, business leadership, complexity science…if that would be of interest to you, I would be glad to hear how I might donate them and what information you need in order to accept them.

    Thanks for your assistance.

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      Hi Marion!
      Thanks for reaching out. It’s the folks at the Library you’re looking for.

      To speak with some at the Library phone 250-370-3619 or email

      Good luck with your books!

  2. The Greater Victoria Public Library isn’t taking any book or DVD donations. On their website, they recommended donating to Camosun. How do I go about doing this?

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      Hello Jaqueline, Your best bet will be to contact the Library directly. One of our Librarians will be happy to answer your questions about donating books and DVDs.
      Lansdowne: 250-370-3619
      Interurban: 250-370-3828

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