Dunlop House is built in 1928

Designed by Samuel Maclure for retired client James Lyle Dunlop, the Dunlop House was built in 1928.

Since 1974, it has served as an applied education centre for Camosun’s popular two-year Hospitality Management diploma program – where students learn everything from hotel administration and restaurant operations to financial accounting, tourism, event management and leadership.

Throughout the years, the Dunlop House has been open to the community for gourmet luncheons and dinners, hosted by students first and second-year Hospitality Management students, on select days of the year. Their Thursday evening themed Pub Nights have also become a favorite campus hang-out for Camosun students, faculty and staff alike.


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  1. Fun Fact: It was the spring of 1974 and the Faculty Association had decided they wanted to start hosting Happy Hours on Fridays from 4-6 in Dunlop House at Lansdowne. But there was nowhere to sit.

    So one day they gave Marge (Koski) Hummel and Linda (Wiebe) Glanville the princely sum of $200 and asked them to buy some furniture. Off they went and, with the generosity of the folks at Standard Furniture, they purchased two love seats, two chairs, and two end tables. For $200.

    1. The love seats were eventually up-cycled and used by students in the student lounge of the house until the early 1990’s!

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