Camosun’s CKMO-FM radio station becomes Village 900 AM

In September 2000, the Applied Communication program’s CKMO-FM changed over to AM 900, trading places with Victoria’s CJVI station, as part of a partnership deal with Rogers Media Broadcasting that included a start-up grant, scholarships, operating funds for 10 years and the use of an AM transmitter for 10 years.

The on-campus radio station is named “Village 900 AM” broadcasting a unique mix of educational programming and global roots music to over 10,000 listeners, seven days a week.

The station ran a variety of music and talk radio shows including the groundbreaking Healing Perspectives, an Indigenous radio show that took the experience of a healing circle over the airwaves.

In 2011, Village 900 went digital, available only through internet streaming. Village 900 ceased operations when Camosun’s Applied Communications program was cancelled in 2012.

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  1. Does anybody have the tracklist from the old village 900 station record? I know most of it was from putumayo music. And there was a handful of folk singers.

    But there’s a few obscure tunes I haven’t found.

    Kind of working on a collection I call Village 9000.

    Who knows maybe someday I’ll make a digital radio station.

    I always thought it was a shame when the culture was lost.

    1. Post

      Hi Brian! You may want to reach out the CCare, Camosun College Association of Retired Employees. They are an active group with lots of members. There has to be a music buff among them. Good luck with your playlist. We’d love to hear that blast from the past.

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