CAMO Radio is born

In 1973, Applied Communications program (ACP) faculty member Kermit (Kerm) Carlson founded CAMO Radio, a closed-circuit radio station on the top floor of the Young Building at Lansdowne campus. The campus radio station provided ACP students with practical on-air broadcasting and station management experience.

Kerm Carlson, ACP Program Instructor and Founder of CAMO Radio

In 1993, CAMO Radio became CKMO-FM – one of only three campus instructional radio stations in the country, and the first of its kind in Western Canada.

Over the years, CKMO began a program called “Education on the Air” offering university transfer credit courses in French, psychology, child development and English literature to students remotely. Students studied via the radio and came onto campus once per week to attend a session with their instructor.

In 1996, CKMO’s “Education on the Air” programs were awarded the Standard Radio Award of Excellence for Outstanding Community Broadcasting.

Applied Communications TV station

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