The first CCARE group

Camosun retirees start their own association: CCARE

Prior to the early 2000s, when Camosun College employees retired, they in essence were lost to the college. It was a sad situation in which people who had invested years of their lives in the institution simply walked away and were no longer a part of the college community.

In 2004, Linda Glanville visited Barb Latham’s office for a farewell visit. Linda was retiring and so was Barb. During their conversation, Linda shared her vision for creating an association for retired Camosun employees. Barb instantly offered to join Linda and her husband, Rick, to further the idea. Soon, Barb McCallum and Pat Floyd came on board and the Camosun College Association of Retired Employees (CCARE) was born.

From the start, CCARE focused on helping college retirees stay in touch with the college as well as with each other. This has been achieved through yearly reunions that alternate between Lansdowne and Interurban campuses. The college provides the meeting space and libations and assistance with the organization. The first CCARE reunion, in 2005, was a big success as have the subsequent gatherings.

In the mid-2000s, CCARE launched a twice monthly newsletter, edited and designed by Faye Ferguson, containing news from the college and from CCARE and, occasionally, obituaries. Once a month the newsletter includes an article
featuring a CCARE member. These profiles have become a valuable history of Camosun that will, over time, be added to the college’s developing archives.

In 2013, Karen Robinson agreed to be the first designated Chairperson of CCARE followed, in 2017, by Patty Beatty Guenter. These leaders, supported by members of the CCARE executives (all volunteers), built on the work of the founding group. Today, CCARE is recognized as the “retirees arm” of the college. Through CCARE, retired employees stay connected and remain a valued part of the college community.

CCARE Executive, 2021
Upper photo, left to right: Bill Code (Outreach & Obituaries), Arnie Campbell (Member at Large), Faye Ferguson (Newsletter Editor), Cathy Dye (Reunion Coordinator),
Patty Beatty Guenter (Chairperson)

Submitted by CCARE Member Faye Ferguson

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