Interurban campus: the Drysdale and White Buildings

John Drysdale Building (formerly known as A Block) at Interurban was named after John Drysdale a 22-year administrator and leader in vocational education in BC.  He was the Director of Trades Training at Camosun from 1971 to 1981.

Today, the Drysdale building serves students in Camosun’s Carpentry and Plumbing/pipe trades programs as well as the Women in Trades program.

Jack White Building (formerly known as B Block) at Interurban was named after Jack White, considered to be the father of vocational and trades training in BC.  As a provincial Director of Technical and Vocational Education, he established BCIT and nine other regional vocational schools.  White personally drafted the plans for Interurban Campus at that time.

Today, the Jack White building houses Camosun’s Fine Furniture and Electrical trades programs as well as the college’s Co-op and Career Services offices, and the Camosun Innovates applied research and innovation facilities, including the Babcock Canada Interaction Lab and product protoyping, design and manufacturing equipment.

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  1. You may want to update this page as Electrical is in the Jack White building and the Plumbing and Pipe trades take up a about 1/2 of
    the Drysdale Building.

  2. Hello Ray, thank you for your comment – we’ve now updated the post on the Drysdale and Jack White buildings. All the best!

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