Interurban campus life in the 70s

In 1971, the B.C. Vocational School (located on Interurban Road) merged with the Lansdowne campus to become Camosun College, offering trades and technical programs in professional cook training, electrical, plumbing, welding and carpentry trades, automotive repair and map drafting.

Interurban Campus 1970s
Electrical Trades

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  1. I went in 1971 to interurban camosun for upgrading 8 9 10 for 5 months. Was fantastic. Met my best friend. She went on to be a RN and I worked at BC govt for 28 years… all thanks to our opportunity at Camosun. I was 25 when I went there in 1971. Some program thru the feds I think and a Mr Drysdale came to the class each week or 2 and gave us all some money. Most wonderful opportunity we never forget Camosun!

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