John Meagher: An early leader in Camosun’s evolution

In 1971 John Meagher was teaching at a private college in Vancouver when he heard about a new college about to open in Victoria. He was excited by the idea of being part of what was then a very new public college system in B.C.

He applied for a position teaching English at Camosun College and was delighted when he was hired. John remembers his first few teaching years fondly. He shared an office in the Young Building with Sheila Prins, who became his role model. Shiela was, in John’s estimation, the epitome of what an English instructor should be.

In 1980/81, John took a year off to pursue a graduate degree in Educational Administration at UVic. As he was completing this degree, the position of Dean of Liberal and Applied Arts became vacant. He applied and was successful.

Dean of Liberal & Applied Arts John Meagher, 1980s

During the 1980s, the Liberal and Applied Arts division included an eclectic mix of programs. Along with the traditional humanities and social science disciplines, and the applied programs (Visual Arts, Criminal Justice, and Applied Communications) there were specialized access programs (Adult Basic Education, Special Education, ESL) along with a variety of programs funded on a short term basis. In the late 1980s, International Education was added. It was a busy time. John greatly valued the opportunities and challenges that marked that period in his career.

In 1990 John was asked to join the administrative team at North Island College and thus began a whole other chapter in John’s career. After retiring as Vice President, John and his wife returned to Victoria. Looking back, John considers himself extremely fortunate to have played key roles in the development of two emerging B.C. colleges.

Submitted by Faye Ferguson, CCARE

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