Camosun Chargers host CCAA women’s volleyball nationals – and win Silver!

The Chargers hosted their first-ever indoor NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP: the 2017 CCAA Women’s Volleyball event.

The chamipionship was a huge success, attracting standing room only crowds which included school groups, club teams, visitors from across the country, and others who extended beyond the Chargers regular fan-base. The Chargers also received top honors from the CCAA as having set the gold standard for its marketing and social media efforts which attracted a massive audience across Canada and internationally.

On the court, the Chargers were given an automatic berth to the championship as the hosting institution. The team fought their way past the quarter and semi-final rounds to land in the gold medal match where they fell to Island rivals, the VIU Mariners and finished with silver— their highest achievement to date.

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