Ed Fougner

Ed Fougner: An early leader in Athletics and Student Services

In 1973, Ed Fougner joined Camosun as the college’s first Athletic Director. There were no athletic facilities and a very limited budget, nevertheless, Ed developed an extensive program focused on outdoor activity.

In the early 1970s, staff and faculty were primarily young, consequently they were keen to became involved. Ed found inexpensive canoes and river kayaks. A faculty member donated an auto chassis and Welding Instructor Bill Murphy had his students build a trailer that transported the canoes to rivers all over the South Island.

That fall and winter students, staff, and faculty groups climbed mountains and canoed most of the south Vancouver Island rivers and lakes. On winter weekends, ski trips to Forbidden Plateau and Green Mountain were common.

From the beginning, Ed wanted to develop a Recreation Leadership Program. In 1975 the Ministry of Advanced Education provided funding to initiate a one-year Certificate program in Aquatic Recreation Leadership. Angela Henry was hired and charged with the yeoman’s task of developing the curriculum.

Ed Fougner, an early leader in Camosun Athletics and Student Services

In the late 1970’s, Ed changed his focus dramatically when he was tasked with leading the burgeoning Financial Aid department. In the 1980s, the Financial Aid team received funding that enabled Ed to second Arnold Chan, from Computer Services, to develop FAS, a computer system that supported the Financial Aide Assessment. FAS was later adopted by a number of institutions throughout the province. After the Camosun College Foundation was initiated, Ed worked closely with its Director, Paul Mantel, to assist students in need. Ed’s close working relationships with Ministry officials also led to generous Ministry support for the college’s Work Study programs.

In the early 1980s, the college became focused on attracting mature learners, some of whom lacked the necessary academic requirements. An Ed Fougner in the early days entry level assessment process was established that identified English and Math deficiencies and referred students for required upgrading. This Entry Level Assessment also became part of Ed’s responsibilities.

 Later he was also responsible for overseeing Academic Advising on Lansdowne campus. Ed found every role he played at Camosun fulfilling, particularly because each one demanded continued growth and learning. He was also grateful for the chance to work with outstanding leaders, collegial faculty and dedicated staff.

Submitted by Faye Ferguson, CCARE Retiree

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