Dale Mosher: Keeping the School of Arts & Science on track for 37+ years

Camosun holds a special place in Dale Mosher’s heart. As a child, she could see the Young building clock tower from her house. Dale’s husband, Bill, completed his plumbing apprenticeship at Interurban before starting his own business. Dale’s sister-in-law worked at the college and assured Dale that it was a good place to work. So, in the late 1970s, Dale applied and was soon a Camosun employee.

Dale’s job responsibilities involved secretarial and admin support for the School of Arts & Science. She administered all the major infrastructure processes (budget development and monitoring, ditto for curriculum, personnel management and record keeping), as well as assisting the Dean for whatever projects were cooking on the front and back burners. Her bosses were ever supportive, respectful and appreciative and the feeling was mutual. Between 1979 and 2016, Dale worked under the leadership of 10 deans and five associate deans.

Dale Mosher

Camosun was the perfect setting for Dale. She lived the motto of lifelong learning, beginning with academic studies at UVic before being employed at the College. During subsequent decades she completed workshops, seminars and
courses in such diverse areas as Industrial First Aid, Belly Dancing, Japanese, Bookkeeping, Shop Stewardship, and Anthropology of Food.

Dale adored being amidst so many knowledgeable and creative faculty and staff. Whatever questions she had in any field, she could find people who had answers. In 2014 she completed a Diploma of Arts and Science. Dale recalls happily hugging her way across the stage at graduation in the company of her much younger student colleagues.

During her time at Camosun, Dale had time for lots of fun and friendships. She has happy memories of playing slo-pitch with the Green Machine team in the late ‘80s. She also volunteered with the Tea Festival for seven years. She did
corporate rowing one spring and beach volleyball atop the Sticky Wicket pub another.

The Lean Mean Green Machine Slo-pitch team in 1980s
Standing L to R: Brian Genge, Dale, Peggy Tilley, Al Lehmann, Roz Alexander, Nick Marsden, Richard Baer, Marilyn Marsden, Russ Smith, mystery man
Kneeling L to R: Gordon Alexander, Robin Drader, Mark Kunen
Missing: Cathy Dye

Dale also participated on many hiring committees and the Joint Job Evaluation committee. She recalls precious time with her son at Lansdowne daycare and many office lunches, birthdays, contests, and socializing. For 37 years, Camosun was a special part of her life.

Submitted by Faye Ferguson, CCARE Retiree

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