Jack Guthrie, 1989

Jack Guthrie: One of Camosun’s first faculty members

Nearing the end of grad studies in Economics at Simon Fraser University (SFU), Jack Guthrie responded to an ad seeking instructors at the newly formed Camosun College.  He knew, from his first teaching assistant job at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, that he wanted to be a college teacher and he and his wife, Shirley, also knew they wished to stay in Canada, so the position at Camosun was a perfect fit!

On August 1, 1971, Jack joined Brian Killip, Hector Duprey and Peter McNeil as Camosun’s first Business Division faculty.  As was typical those days, there was barely a month to prepare course descriptions, outlines, and teaching materials as well as place book orders.  But with great energy and enthusiasm, they did it!

Over the years, Jack has been involved in many significant developments at the college, from putting together Economics courses for business diploma and university transfer students to establishing transfer credits with B.C. universities; from assisting in the formation of the Faculty Association to representing the college at annual articulation meetings.

Left-right: Alec Lee, Jack Guthrie, Don Lindsay,
Brian Killip

As anyone with whom he worked will attest, Jack never hesitated in making his position known on any matter.  He typically offered an informed and often unique perspective that added an important balance to any deliberations.  When Jack spoke, people listened.

At a personal level, Jack is most proud of his two sons, as well as the role he played in starting St Christopher’s Montessori School.  Professionally, greatest satisfaction has come from getting students interested in Economics, seeing them successfully transfer to universities across Canada, and hearing from them how his teaching positively impacted their professional lives.

As Jack says, his career at Camosun was “hugely rewarding”, not only in terms of the satisfaction from the job, but also from the fact that all his close friends are from Camosun!

Submitted by Alec Lee, CCARE Retiree

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