Interurban Cafeteria named the Helmut Huber Cook Training Centre

The Interurban Cafeteria is named the Helmut Huber Cook Training Certnre in honour of Helmut Huber, the coordinator of the college’s Professional Cook Training program from 1974 to 1992. 

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  1. Hello,

    Helmut Huber Food Service building is NOT what the building was first named.
    When we opened the building after the additions, it was called Helmut Huber Cook Training Center.

    The building was re-named Helmut Huber Food Service building around 2007 when management decided that it would be a good idea to rent out the facilities on weekend for potential events such as weddings, celebrations etc.

    The ideas newer materialized but the damage was done, and the new name stuck.

    I have no idea why anyone would call a beautiful culinary arts training facility “Food Service Building”, makes it sounds like a food production centre at a hospital

    1. Hello Erik, thank you for your comment and correction for this post. We have now updated the name of the facility here to the Helmut Huber Cook Training Centre. All the best!

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